72 year-old man suffering with constipation dies of cardiac arrest after pooping with too much force

Simran Kashyap

Wenzhou, Jan 19: As you are aware that constipation is considered chronic if a person has infrequent bowel movements or difficulty in passing poop for several weeks. However, a 72 year-old man identifed as Zhu from Wenzhou, Zhejiang, in China died from a cardiac arrest when he tried to push his poop out too hard with much pressure.

The incident happened on 7th January when he had not had any bowel movements for three days and decided to go to the toilet one night and fainted when he tried to push hard.

The doctors explained he exerted too much force while defecating which caused a cardiac arrest.

The old man had also some history of coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. It is also learnt that his age could've also been a factor as he was above 70 years.

The doctros also said that when people exert too much pressure while urinating or defecating, the body's internal pressure increases which disrupts the nerves, causing heart rate and blood pressure to decrease.

This leads to the lack of supply of blood to the heart, which causes cardiac arrest.

If you have poop issues, rather seek medical help immediately than pushing it too hard.

How to get rid of constipation fast?

  • Intake of lots of fluids is the effective method for constipation relief. It keeps the GI tract well hydrated.

  • Eat fibre-rich foods from all-natural sources like plant-based foods, whole grains, vegetables and fruits is highly recommended.

  • Regular exercises like walking, running, yoga, etc., can help amp up the circulatory system and tone the muscles of the GI tract.

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