70-year-old Hyderabad man cycles his way to help people in need amid COVID

Hyderabad, July 08 (ANI): A 70-year-old man from Hyderabad has been peddling his way on a bicycle to help people who are in need, especially during the COVID pandemic. KR Srinivas Rao, a retired Air India employee, said he always wanted to serve people in need and after his retirement, he got a chance to fulfil his aspiration. With his passion for cycling and his aspiration to help the needy, he got a platform to combine both, said the retired Air India employee. “When the COVID-19 cases were at the peak, I joined a Hyderabad-based organisation Hyderabad Relief Riders, who aim to bring awareness about cycling and further during the pandemic. The organisation was able to serve the needy with their requirements of either groceries or medicine and deliver them to the doorsteps through cycling,” said Srinivas. Srinivas further advised that people must come forward and help those who are in need. “Keeping in mind the environmental crisis, people must take initiative to use a cycle at least for shorter distances,” he added.

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