This 70-Year-Old Health Freak Can Give You Serious Fitness Goals

Is this the fittest 70-year-old ever? An inspiring senior has knocked decades off her age by lifting weights. Peggy Hilbert works as a personal trainer and an aerobics instructor - and she has the body to prove it. The strong senior has always been a fitness fanatic and was running until she was 32. But it was when she picked up lifting weights for fitness in her fifties that she found her calling.

When her husband was diagnosed with ASL the couple decided to take life by the horns and despite losing him three years ago she has continued to live life to the fullest. Passionate Peggy teaches abs and body sculpting classes and a boot camp class every week. She sees her personal trainer twice a week and walks every other day. Her diet consists of six small meals a day and two protein shakes.

Now Peggy works out with her niece, Jennifer King, also known as Instagram star Farmer Jen on her channel: bansheemoon.

(Inputs from AP/Caters TV)

Video Editor: Sandeep Suman