7 Wonderful Ways To Save Money While Travelling

Akash Singh

We all love travelling and always try to save money so that we can travel to a new destination and take a break from our monotonous life. We take weeks and months to save a large sum and eventually spend all of it in one go without sitting back and thinking that we could have actually saved a small amount from it. This saved amount could have been of great use on your next trip. Did you ever think about it?

If not, then you must read this article. Here, we are providing our readers with a few handy tips that will certainly help them save money while travelling. These wonderful ways will not only save your money but also give you certain everlasting experiences.

1) Book Tickets In Advance

The first and foremost thing every tourist and traveller must keep in mind while planning a trip is that they should book their flights and hotel tickets in advance. Unless you have decided to go unplanned, you must keep this tip in mind. Whenever we go for instant bookings, we always end up spending. So, in order to save yourself from burning a hole in your pocket, book your tickets two months prior to your date of departure.

2) Consider Off Season

Even though the peak season is the best time to savour the liveliness of any place, you still should prefer exploring them during the off season. This is the period when you can get everything at a very cheap rate. Yes, ranging from flight tickets to hotel charges, each and everything can be savoured at the lowest price.

Another thing which makes off season a wonderful time is that your destination doesn't get flooded with tourists during this period. Wouldn't you love to enjoy your trip away from the disturbing tourist crowd?

3) Cut Down On Your Hotel Expense

While booking a hotel, keep in mind forever that you are actually paying for a sleep at night. Obviously, you won't be chilling inside your hotel throughout the day and night when you have come on a trip to explore places. So, always try to go with a regular room instead of booking a deluxe one. You can also avail the services of a bed and breakfast or a homestay. This will definitely save you a lot of money.

4) Carry Snacks And Water Bottles

When you can already carry water bottles and snacks, then why to spend hundreds of bucks on purchasing water and packed food items? This tip can also be used by travellers and tourists who love to go on a trip to remote locations.

5) Shop At Local Markets

If you are a sure shot shopper and always look forward to collecting souvenirs wherever you go, then this is one handy tip that will prove very beneficial for you. Instead of shopping in the main markets of the city where everything is very expensive, you can try shopping at local markets where you can get everything at a reasonable price, ranging from food to clothes. It will not only save you a huge sum but also provide you with an opportunity of experiencing local cuisine with authentic taste.

6) Rent A Bike Or A Cycle

One major mistake which we do on a trip is that we always try to hire a cab or a minivan so that we could explore the corners of our destination conveniently. Instead, you can go for a motorbike or a bicycle. You can get them at very cheap rates. For example, you can hire a bike for a day in Pondicherry for just 350 bucks. Doesn't that save you a lot of money?

7) Stick To Your Budget

Last, but not the least, stick to your budget. If you have already decided the amount you are going to spend on a trip, then you must stick to it anyhow. This will not only save you a large sum but also provide you with the quality of handling expenses. Unless you have an emergency and really need to spend an extra amount, do not move out of your budget.

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