7 Times Birthday Girl Priyanka Chopra Slayed on International TV

Priyanka Chopra is a total rockstar, not only when it comes to her acting, but also with words. Piggy Chops has been invited to almost all the popular TV shows in the US and has proved that she is a total slayer. She has been uber cool in all her appearances. She has been seen celebrating Holi, shutting down people who body shame, and she has even talked about her insecurities as a teenager studying the United States.

Whether she was on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen or The View, everyone just seemed to love her. And now that Baywatch, the movie, is all set to release in May; we have a amazing compilation of the sassiest thing she’s said so far.

Video Editor: Sandeep Suman

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(This article has been reposted from The Quint’s archives on the occasion of Priyanka Chopra’s 35th birthday. It was first published on 2 April 2017)

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