7 stunning remarks Mamta Kulkarni made in a 2016 interview

After disappearing from the glamour industry 17 years ago, Mamta Kulkarni made headlines again recently, but not for the right reasons.

Being a primary accused in a major drug trafficking case in Thane, Mamta decided to face the camera about a year ago to tell the world her side of the story.

Here are seven most shocking statements she made in her exclusive interview to ABP news channel in 2016:

1. Mamta opened the interview by saying how she had been living the last 16 years as a ‘yogini’, doing tapasya. She said that she had completely forgotten the fact that she was a superstar once, and if anyone recognized her as an actress now, she refused to accept that identity.

2. Mamta confessed that it was her mother who had pushed her to become a Bollywood actress and that she had become a ‘victim’ to her desires.

3. The actress dismissed her Bollywood career as a huge mistake and a total waste of time, and said she was doing ‘prayashchit’ (seeking redemption) for the mistake for the last 12 years.

4. Mamta also spoke about her infamous nude cover shoot for a film magazine and called it a foolish mistake she made out of immaturity.

5. Mamta’s husband Vicky Goswami is also a prime accused in the narcotics case. But Mamta made the most shocking revelation in the interview when she said that she had still not married Vicky. She said, “Jab aap 12 saal tak tap karte ho toh koi aadmi aapko ekaant me bhi chuye, aapko wo pasand nahi aata.” She added, “Mera aur Vicky ka koi physical relationship nahi hai, we are just on good terms with each other.”

6. Mamta strongly denied being involved in any drug trafficking. She told the reporter that if she could rein the most basic animalistic desire of a human being, ie, sex, how could drugs tantalize her. She even said that if a man would stand nude in front of her today, it won’t have any affect on her, that is how pure she has become from inside.

7.  Mamta defended her ‘boyfriend’ Vicky, saying that he was not involved in any drug racket, adding that she would have killed him if he were involved in drugs.