7 more medal events added to 2022 Beijing Winter Games

Sayak Basu

7 more medal events added to 2022 Beijing Winter Games

13 Jul 2018: 7 more medal events added to 2022 Beijing Winter Games

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) took a number of crucial decisions with respect to the upcoming editions of the Olympic Games.

7 medal events have been added to the 2022 Beijing Winter Games.

Further, the schedule of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has also been published.

A timetable to add new events to the 2024 Paris was also set up by the IOC.

New Events: These events would be included at the next Winter Olympics

The events which have been added to the next Winter Olympics are- big air freestyle skiing for men and women, mixed team events in ski jumping, snowboard cross and ski aerials and women's monobob.

However, the Olympic Committee has made a reduction in the number of athletes who can compete at this 109+ events mega carnival.

Rationale: Reasons behind reduction in number of athletes

Notably, the IOC has decided to bring down the number of participating athletes to cut the organizing costs.

A failure in the number of potential bidders in Europe for 2026 Winter Games has forced the committee take the step.

The declaration states that no additional venue should be required and 41 fewer athletes than the 2,933 at Pyeongchang Olympics, this February, will take part.

2020 Tokyo Olympics: Details of the Tokyo Olympics schedule

The IOC has published a schedule of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

But it doesn't include the breakdown of events which would be held at the Olympic Aquatics Centre.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics saw the swimming events scheduled in the morning for greater viewership in America.

Further, the IOC Sports Director has stated that the schedule of swimming sessions will be finalized within 2 months.