7 Breakfast Mistakes You're Probably Making

Florie Mwanza

Starting your morning right can set you up for a successful day. And if eating well and staying on a healthy track is part of what makes your day successful, try not to make the following breakfast mistakes that the nutritionists at Fresh Fitness Food warn against.

Going Crazy for Granola

Compared to sugary, processed cereals, granola may seem like the healthier choice, but store-bought toasted versions are often packed with added sugars and fats. This breakfast staple is filling enough without the hidden additions, so reach for untoasted granola when hitting the supermarket, or simply make your own.

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Low-Fat Over Full-Fat

Despite what you may have heard, low-fat isn't always the better option, because a lot of reduced-fat dairy products like yoghurt rely on added sugars and artificial sweeteners to replicate the flavour of full-fat versions, they are actually more calorific and less nutritious.

Not Enough Protein

Making sure you're eating enough protein at breakfast is important, not only does it keep you fuller for longer, it also fuels your muscles and powers you up after your body gets up from a long period of rest. Whether you're after something easy to make or perfect for making ahead, the options are endless.

Egg Whites Only

Egg whites are a great, low-fat, low-calorie source of protein, but eating them solely and neglecting the yolks means you miss out on all the nutrients they're packed with including iron, vitamin D, and vitamin B.

Blending Bad Juices

Fruit juices are packed with sugar, and although it's naturally occurring sugar, every glass you guzzle still contributes to your sugar intake. If you love sipping on something sweet in the morning but want to avoid the sugar bomb, try a blended green juice that's packed with the right ingredients to nourish your body and fill you up.

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Processed Breakfast Bars

Grabbing a breakfast bar every morning might be time saving, but if you're on a healthy eating journey or trying to lose weight, you're cheating yourself out of a healthy, filling breakfast. With a lot of breakfast bars lacking in key nutrients like protein and packed with added sugar, they'll leave you unsatisfied and craving more sugar.
If you're struggling to let the crucnhy goodness go, why not make your own protein-packed versions, or chocolate almond bars without the hidden nasties.

Not Eating Enough

Unless you're meal prepping the perfect grab-and-go breakfasts like some freezer-friendly burritos you can eat on your rush to work, you're probably not eating enough. While this might not seem like an issue when you're on the run, not nourishing your body after a long period of fasting sleep is a recipe for excessive and unhealthy snacking and bingeing.