7 out of 10 men 'happy with wives being family breadwinner'


London, Nov 22 (ANI): Men today are happy with their wives earning more than them and have no qualms in looking after the house, a new study has suggested. A study carried out by the U.S. edition of Men's Health magazine claims it marks the death knell for '1950s man'. Back in the 1950s the man was the undisputed family breadwinner. But men today are apparently happy to play second fiddle to their wives when it comes to money. Three-quarters of men now say it is no longer important for them to be the one who earns the most, new research has revealed. The study found that 45 per cent of men are now 'very willing' to look after the house if their wives earn more. While one in five are already doing so and happily play househusband to their wealthier partners but there is a price for some - half of men think they have to give up some of their masculinity to become what they considered to be a 'nurturing father'. The survey also revealed that another big change was how men see other men earning less than their wives - nowadays there is less peer pressure than before to be the breadwinner. "The '50s are over. Father didn't even always know best back then," the Daily Mail quoted the magazine's U.S. editor Peter Moore as saying. "So, if one of the things a woman knows best is how to bring in a big income, more power to her - and more money to pay for the holiday trip to Aruba." "Really, today's man isn't hung up with the gender stereotypes of prior generations," he added. The study also found that some 89 per cent agreed that protecting your family is a vital characteristic of being a man today while only 29 per cent strongly agreed that it's OK to cry as a man. (ANI)