6 top online services available for resume making in India

6 top online services available for resume making in India
6 top online services available for resume making in India

15 Jul 2018: 6 top online services available for resume making in India

The average time recruiters spend on a resume is "6 seconds". Job applicants only have "6 seconds" to make a good impression on their potential employer.

The importance of a well-written resume cannot be emphasized enough. But writing a quality resume isn't easy - this is where professionals come to the rescue.

Here are 6 online-services that'll help you own a well-curated, presentable resume.

MonsterIndia.com: Get a job-winning professional resume from MonsterIndia's experts

Popular employment website MonsterIndia.com offers "Right Resume Writing Services" as part of its "Career Services".

There are four categories depending on the candidate's experience level.

It has a Rs. 749 package for freshers (0-1 years' experience), Rs. 1,599 for new professionals (1-4 years' experience), Rs. 2,399 for mid-career-level professionals (4-8 years' experience), and Rs. 3,199 for senior management level candidates (8+ years' experience).

Naukri.com: Naukri.com provides paid services for resumes written by professionals

Indian job portal Naukri.com offers two types of resumes: Text Resume (contains only text) and Visual Resume (attractive, visually-appealing format).

Entry-level "Text Resume" costs Rs. 1,700-2,650, the mid-level one is available for Rs. 3,600, senior-level at Rs. 4,450, and executive-level for Rs. 5,850.

"Visual Resume" for entry-level candidate costs Rs. 2,850-4,000, Rs. 5,400 for mid-level, Rs. 6,400 for senior-level, and Rs. 7,850 for executive-level.

Shine Learning: Resume marking services on Shine Learning portal

Another leading Indian online job and recruitment portal, Shine.com, also offers experience-based resume writing services on "Shine Learning" platform.

Freshers (0-1 years' experience) are charged Rs. 1,360, while those with 1-4 years of experience need to pay Rs. 1,950.

Resume packages for professionals (4-8 years), experienced professionals (8-15 years), and senior professionals (15+ years) cost Rs. 3,050, Rs. 3,640, and Rs. 4,150, respectively.

GetSetResumes.com: International standard resume writing services from Get Set Resumes

Get Set Resumes is an award-winning professional resume/CV writing firm in India.

Though it offers a number of services, it primarily focuses on crisp resume writing. Text Resume package for freshers (0-2 years' experience) costs Rs. 699.

Those with 2-7 years' experience, 7-15 years' experience, and 15+ years' experience are charged Rs. 1,799, Rs. 2,599, Rs. 3,199, respectively. The executive-level package costs Rs. 4,199.

BookYourCV.com: BookYourCV offers quality resume writing services at affordable rates

Book Your CV is another popular professional resume/CV writing company.

Its "Text Resume Writing" service is free for freshers (0-1 years' experience). For candidates with 1-5 years' experience, it costs Rs. 800, for 5-8 years' experience-level Rs. 1,200. Those with 8-15 years and 15+ years of experience are charged Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 2,000 respectively.

It offers two-year resume update support with unlimited modifications.

Fact: There are many websites offering free resume writing resources

Paid resume writing services are becoming increasingly popular as job seekers are willing to spend on a good resume. For those who don't want to spend, there are many websites offering free resume templates/samples. Arbunize and eXpertResumeBuilder are popular among websites offering free resources.

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