6 tips to avoid ugly arguments in your relationship

Shreya Suresh Kumar

Every relationship goes through its share of ups and downs. It’s only normal. There is nothing called as the perfect relationship and if there is it is not real. A relationship is beautiful with all the imperfections and moving on from every fight and loving each other even more. Now having said this, it also doesn’t mean that fighting and arguing over the silliest thing every single day is healthy. It is okay to have differences, disagreements and fights once in a while. This is healthy. However, if you have been arguing with your partner every single day and over the most trivial matters it is not healthy and you need to put a stop to it.  Here are some tips that will help you avoid arguments in your relationship.  Some understanding, letting go, forgiveness is all you need to make sure there are fewer arguments. (ALSO READ The 5 top most relationship problems that you must definitely avoid!).

1. Whenever you feel angry take a moment to calm down

People end up blurting out things that they didn’t mean whenever angry. If there is a situation that has annoyed you terribly, you need to take a moment to calm yourself down.  Once you have calmed down, you will get better clarity to think and make decisions and consider if the situation even needs a reaction.

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2. Talk about your problems always

Do not ignore anything that has upset you and pretend like nothing happened. It will stock up in your mind and you will end up arguing because you are irritated and highly annoyed. Every time there is something bothering you, just talk and discuss about it with your partner. This will keep things peaceful. (ALSO READ You should totally ignore these 5 pieces of relationship advice!).

3. Never abuse

You can avoid a lot of arguments by changing the way you talk. If there are differences, avoid the use cuss words. Do not abuse because you will end up digressing from the main topic and fight like kids. It will only get uglier and you will not like it if your partner also starts abusing back.

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4. Never raise your voice

Another tactic to avoid ugly arguments is by maintaining the tone of your voice. If the person feels intimated, things will only get ugly. Put your point across politely and talk it out. There should be no pointing of fingers involved either. (ALSO READ These are the 5 worst reasons to be in a relationship with someone!).

5. Be a good listener

This is one of the most important things when it comes to arguments or fights. You need to be a good listener and give the other person a chance to talk. If both of you talk at the same time, it will only get worse because none of you have heard what the other has to say and thus you are fighting for something that maybe does not even exist. So, listen to your partner. (ALSO READ Signs people are jealous of your relationship: Watch out for these 7 signs!).

6. Own up your mistakes

Most of the arguments can be avoided if both of you learn to take responsibility for your actions and admit your faults. You do not have to be egoistic every time there is a fight. People make mistakes and it is natural. So own up your mistakes and apologize with all your heart. ALSO READ (What it is like to be in a live-in relationship? These 6 things will tell you!

Follow these tips and you will have fewer arguments. The key to avoiding argument is a good communication and setting ego aside.

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