6 kiss-proof lipsticks that are beautiful and won't budge

We live in a world where mistletoe, holiday parties, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day (not to mention every-day life) all might inspire a nice hearty smooch, so having the right lipstick is key. Whether you think you will be doing a ton of talking, eating, or even making out, one thing is for sure, you don’t want to leave behind an annoying mess. While there may be a huge variety of lip products on the market that promise ultimate staying power, there are only a select group that really outweigh the rest.

To take some of the mystery out of finding just the right pick, Yahoo Lifestyle staffers did all the dirty work for you. After back-to-back swatching and trying out lots of the best lipsticks, we were able to narrow down six all-star standouts. Check out the video above and scroll below to find out which ones really lived up to their names.

Kiss-proof lipstick winner #1 — CoverGirl Outlast Longwear Lipstick 

Covergirl Outlast Longwear Lipstick. (photo: Covergirl)

“When it comes down to it, for a holiday party, I’d probably go for the CoverGirl. This might not be as long-wearing, but the moisture is a really key factor for a long night.” ($8, Walmart) — Kerry Justich, News and Features Writer

Kiss-proof lipstick winner #2 — E.L.F. Liquid Matte Lip Color

E.L.F. Matte Lip Color. (photo: e.l.f. cosmetics)

“This one feels really good. I can’t really feel it on my lips, and for a lower-priced brand, it was really pigmented. Literally, nothing came off. The bang for your buck is definitely e.l.f..” ($9, Walmart) — Kat Vasquez, Associate Producer

Kiss-proof lipstick winner #3 — CoverGirl Melting Pout Matte 

CoverGirl Melting Pout Matte. (photo: covergirl)

“CoverGirl, I think I actually like the most because, clearly, you’re not going to be getting this on anyone else, except your own lips.” — Julie Tong, Fashion Editor ($7, Target)

Kiss-proof lipstick winner #4 — Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip. (photo: Colourpop)

“I definitely think that Colourpop is the best bang for your buck. It’s definitely ultra-matte, like it says. It stays on, for sure. It hardly transferred on to the plexiglass.” ($4, Colourpop.com— Devon Kelly, Assistant Health and Beauty Editor

Kiss-proof lipstick winner #5 — Rimmel Stay Matte Lip Liquid

Rimmel Stay Matte Lip Liquid. (photo: Rimmel)

“For the most long-lasting, I would have to pick the Rimmel. It had the least transfer onto the glass. It felt like it would stay on all night.” ($5, Target) — Leah Neuberth, Social Media Coordinator 

Kiss-proof lipstick winner #5 — AJ Crimson Matte Liquid Lipstick

AJ Crimson Matte Liquid Lipstick.  (photo: AJ Crimson)

“This feels like heavy duty. Like, creme de la creme of matte. You barely see anything at all [transfer]. It is slightly drying. You might need a little bit of balm. It is definitely worth paying a little bit more to get something that is going to last you. Beauty editor approved. ($22, Ajcrimson.com) — Jacqueline Laurean Yates, Beauty Editor

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