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Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

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Holby City spoilers follow from tonight's episode and next week's.

Tonight's shocking Holby City scenes saw Guy and Ric's feud reach a cataclysmic climax, while Nicky and Cameron got passionate and Sacha and Essie hit the rocks.

Here are the six biggest questions we've been left with until next week….

1. Is Guy going to kill Ric?

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Talk about a cliffhanger – surely Holby can't leave us hanging like that? But they can – and they have. Fans have now been left with a week-long wait over Ric's fate for the second week in a row. Only this time, it's sinister. Very sinister.

The closing moments of tonight's dramatic episode saw a drunk, vengeful and extremely volatile Guy Self lingering over Ric's bed, while the rest of the medical team were, somewhat bizarrely, out of sight.

Ric had agreed to have the life-saving operation he needed moments after Guy had angrily lashed out at him during his disciplinary hearing. But little did he know their feud was far from over.

Furious that Ric's vendetta could cost him his career, Guy turned back to the bottle and made his way into the operating theatre, where his nemesis was lying unconscious. What is he planning to do?

2. And what will happen next?

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Despite the seven-day wait, the good news is that Holby will be picking up where it left off in next week's episode, as Ric's fate lies firmly in Guy's hands.

As Guy prepares to capitalise in on the opportunity in front of him, the big question is whether he is planning to kill him – or cure him.

Keen to prove his worth as a neurosurgeon, there's every chance that Guy could lap up a chance to play the hero here. However, given Guy's unstable behaviour of late, this could of course be wishful thinking – and Ric could be in more danger than ever...

3. Can Essie forgive Sacha?

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Sacha's relationship with Essie is now up in the air, thanks to his nefarious actions regarding Frankie.

When Essie pushed for answers, a guilty Sacha was forced to come clean about driving Frankie away last week.

As a result, a stressed, and increasingly weak, Essio collapsed after suffering a hypo (hypoglycaemia) related to her diabetes and later reiterated to Sacha that she needs to know Isla is going to be cared for.

The moving scenes that followed saw Sacha finally tell Essie how terrified he is about navigating a world without her when she passes away, but can they find a way forward after this?

4. Will Max give Guy another chance?

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

We're fairly sure this one is dead in the water, but Guy made a final attempt at a reconciliation with Max tonight.

Feeling momentarily confident about his future at the hospital, Guy urged Max to give their relationship another go, only to face yet more rejection.

When Guy subsequently told Max that she was the only reason he was staying sober, she insisted that only he, and he alone, could fight his demons. Could she still she be tempted back to him? It's unlikely.

5. Is Cameron using Nicky?

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

It's the twist you may or may not have seen coming but Cameron and Nicky reignited their former passion tonight. Only something just doesn't feel right.

Having rejected Nicky after their one-night stand last year, Cameron vehemently focused his attention on her best friend Chloe, who coincidentally (or maybe not so much…) made some tentative steps to revive her own love life tonight.

After propping her for information on Chloe's dating plans, Cameron had his ego stroked by Nicky – who insisted he was a brilliant doctor. Before long, the pair were getting passionate in the on-call room, but is Nicky heading for heartbreak?

6. Is there new romance for Chloe?

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Chloe's dating life spilled onto the wards tonight, when she ended up having to treat a man she had matched with online. Awkward.

As it happens, Chloe took far more of a shine to his brother, and it seemed like the feeling was mutual when he asked her out on a date. But is she ready to move on? Only time will tell.

Holby City continues on Tuesday, August 11 for the show's final pre-lockdown episode before going off air again.

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