6 Easy Summer Home Decor Ideas That You Should Try Now

Summer is the season of fruits, flowers and nature. We also become physically active and pleasant during this season. Winter is over and you don’t need those thick curtains, blankets, fur coats and firewood at home anymore. As the weather is pleasant and warm, you can now make some changes to your house decor to get that perfect summer home look.

Here are 7 Easy Summer Home Decor Ideas That You Should Try Now :

1) Outdoor furniture 

Drag your tables and chairs out, for you wouldn’t want to miss the warm breeze, sunlight and view of blooming buds.

 2) Color pops

Add some funky colors to your cushions, carpets and curtains to make your summer brighter and colorful.You can also paint your furniture with light shades of blue, yellow or green.

3) Thin flowy curtains

Make sure you let the sunlight and the smell of blooming flowers in when you arrange your house in summers. Thin flowy curtains (preferably yellow or white) will make your house look brighter and cozier. 

4) Indoor garden

Indoor plants never go out of fashion and helps in making your home look green and nature friendly. The plants will also keep your rooms cool during summers.

5) Arrange flowers in a vase

Pluck some flowers from your backyard and arrange it in a vase on your table. Flowers will make any place look pretty and their subtle fragrance is an add on. 

6) Swing

If you have a small garden or a backyard with tress, try to hang a swing on one of their branches. There is nothing like a swing when it comes to reviving memories of good old summer days.

Article : Lakshmi.C