6 days after wedding, woman dies on honeymoon, husband banned from leaving Sri Lanka

Madhuri Adnal

London, May 12: A newly-wed British Indian man is stuck in Sri Lanka after his wife died from a mysterious illness at a hotel in the country on their honeymoon.

Khilan Chandaria is not under arrest or facing a charge, but has been stopped from leaving Sri Lanka since his wife Usheila Patel, 31, died on Apr 25.

Chandaria, a 33-year-old phone shop owner from north-west London, has not been arrested or charged in connection with his wife's death but is not being permitted to return to his home in the UK.

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"A post-mortem said she died from dehydration, obviously from vomiting," said Chandaria, who had also noticed a weird "smell" in their hotel room before the suspected food poisoning.

While Chandaria had initially been free to leave Sri Lanka, he refused to leave until his wife's body has been released.

He has now been banned from leaving until a government report into the death can be prepared.

The couple was married in London on April 19 before flying off on honeymoon four days later. They had been staying at the five-star beach resort called Amari in the southwestern coastal city of Galle in Sri Lanka. They were scheduled to fly to Maldives on the second leg of the honeymoon.

But they both fell ill and were "feverish and vomiting blood" after consuming some food and drinks at the hotel. They were rushed to a hospital after they called for help to their hotel room. Patel was pronounced dead at the Karapitiya Hospital in Galle on April 25.

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