I have 6.3 GB data of ‘intercepted calls’ suspected in transfer racket: Fadnavis

Mumbai, Mar 23 (ANI): Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra Assembly, Devendra Fadnavis on March 23 claimed to have in possession 6.3 GB of data of what he said are intercepted calls found suspicious to be involved in transfer racket. Fadnavis said Commissioner of intelligence had sent a report of these “suspicious calls” to Maharashtra DG who in turn then forwarded it to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. Fadnavis asserted that the CM expressed concern. “Commissioner of Intelligence sent a report of intercepted calls suspicious to be involved in transfer racket to DG Maharashtra in August 20. It was forwarded to Chief Minister later and he expressed concern. I have data of 6.3 GB containing all information,” said Fadnavis.