5T initiative will create separate power corridor: BJP MPAparajita Sarangi

5T initiative will create separate power corridor: BJP MPAparajita Sarangi Bhubaneswar, Nov 10 (PTI) Stepping up her attack onOdisha government over its 5T initiative, BJP MP AparajitaSarangi on Sunday said creation of a separate 'power corridor'will lead to an anomaly in administration and reduce thepowers of ministers and senior officials.

The bureaucrat-turned politicians fresh salvo against5T initiative has come during her visit to Sambalpur, barelyten days after she slammed the BJD government in the state,dubbing the concept as an old one and not at all an innovativemechanism.

The Naveen Patnaik government recently introduced the5T (Teamwork, Technology, Transparency, Time leading toTransformation) initiative, saying it was part of its effortsto provide good governance and to bring transfomation.

V K Pandian, the private secretary to Chief MinisterNaveen Patnaik, has been given the additional charge of thenew initiative.

'A separate power corridor is being created throughthis 5T in Odisha, which is not proper. It reduces the powersof the ministers, the concerned secretaries and seniorofficers .. weakens institutions,' Sarangi said.

It is also inappropriate for senior officersaccompanying their juniors during official visits to differentplaces, the Lok Sabha member from Bhubaneswar said in anapparent reference to officers senior to the 5T Secretaryaccompanying him during his official tours.

The former IAS officer said in her 25 years of servicecareer, she spent 20 years in Odisha and 5 years in Delhi, buthas never witnessed such form of administration.

'A senior officer never accompanies a junior. It is ananomaly in administration,' she said.

Mentioning that there can be proper ways of bringingreforms in the administration, Sarangi said, adequate timeshould be given to doctors and others before taking actionagainst them.

Noting that 5T should be an inclusive process, the BJPleader said it should not be restricted to only one or twodepartments but needs to be implemented in all thedepartments.

'The concept of 5T should be adopted in thefunctioning of all departments. Creating a separate powercentre to monitor 5T undermines Ministers and departmentsecretaries and ministers,' she said.

Hitting back at the BJP leader for her criticism, BJDMP Sasmit Patra said it seems Sarangi has developed anidentity crisis and is speaking against 5T simply out ofjealousy.

'It seems she (Sarangi) is speaking against the 5Tinitiative out of jealousy BJP-ruled states and even theCentre will soon start implementing 5T,' Patra said. PTI SKNMM MM