54-year-old Hyderabad man dies as ambulance door gets jammed for 15 minutes

Despite the availability of ambulance on time, 54-year-old Chekkala Anand died as the door of the ambulance did not open for about 15 minutes. Alleging the ill-maintenance of ambulance, the man’s family members, who reached the spot, and the people who gathered there, protested. However, police reached the spot and controlled the situation.

According to the Hindustan Times report, the man who is from Hyderabad was going back home in a Multi-Modal Transport Service train (local train). Anand was a carpenter from Jillellaguda area in Hyderabad.

As the train was about to reach Malakpet station, from where Anand would take bus for home, he felt chest pain and struggle to breathe. The active co-passengers called up 108 ambulance service. Moreover, they also informed his family member. As soon as the train reached Malakpet station, the passengers brought Anand out of the station and tried to put him in the ambulance.

“But the door got stuck and the ambulance driver and the medical assistants could not open it despite several attempts. Finally, after struggling for 15 minutes, they broke the handle and opened the door,” Chaderghat station house officer G Nagaraju told Hindustan Times.

"It is true that the door was stuck for a few minutes, but by the time we tried to give him emergency care, the patient was already dead," told Ravi, a paramedic with the ambulance, to NDTV.

"All of us tried to help the patient. We were massaging his hands and legs. Medical students who came by also tried to pump his chest to ensure heartbeat continues. But if the vehicle is going to be poorly maintained and emergency injections needed in such situations is not available, the purpose is defeated. I appeal to the Chief Minister to look into this," Mazhar told NDTV.

So far the relatives have not file any complaint, that is why cops have not registered any case so far. Hindustan Times reports that the ambulance staff said they were not at fault, as the vehicle had not been serviced for a long time.