52 Crocodiles Rescued after Flash Floods Wreak Havoc in Vadodara


Remember the viral video of a crocodile stealthily creeping up behind a dog in Vadodara? Turns out, that wasn't an isolated incident. According to a report by ANI, at least 52 crocodiles were rescued by officials after the flash floods which wreaked havoc in Vadodara.

A twenty four hour helpline has also been activated in the area, so that citizens can report sightings of the same to officials. The state government, in accordance with the state wildlife department and other organisations are carrying out the rescue operations.

Earlier this month, Gujarat received heavy rainfall which resulted in water levels of several rivers rising. This caused a flood like situation all over the state. In fact, several crocodile sightings have been reported on social media, videos of which have gone viral. In case you missed the videos, here you go:

What would you do if you found a crocodile in your society?