50pc Brit men want to be stay-at-home dads to get closer to kids

London, Jan 6 (ANI): More than half of Britain's working fathers want to cut their hours and play a bigger role in raising their kids, according to a new survey.

Despite a growing number of dads taking on more childcare responsibilities, the research by the Independent revealed that many still encounter prejudice.

Seven out of 10 fathers working part time said that there was a stigma attached to it and 54 percent believe they are seen as the weaker partner.

The research showed that most of those who work part time are motivated by a desire to help raise a family, rather than having the decision foisted on them by a lack of work.

Only a quarter said their reason for working part time was because they could not find full-time jobs.

The majority - 63 percent - said that they had reduced their hours to share the running of the household and family or to spend more time with the kids.

Another 7 percent work fewer hours because they are single dads.

Jo Blake, a branch manager at the recruitment agency Office Angels, said the firm had noticed a growing number of employers offering fathers greater flexibility.

British fathers work the longest hours in the EU - an average of 48 hours a week for those with children under 11.

The majority of dads questioned were unhappy with their work-life balance, but despite 57 percent saying that they wanted to work less so they could spend time with children, more than a quarter (27 percent) did not take the two weeks' paternity leave to which they are entitled. (ANI)