A 50-foot Anaconda Slithers through a River in Brazil in Viral Video. But Is it Real?

Buzz Staff
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Seen that viral video of a 50-foot anaconda crossing a river in Brazil? Unbelievable isn't it? But we are afraid that not everything that comes up on social media is true.

The video that has been doing rounds on social is an old video that had first appeared in April 2018, according to reports.

It was recently shared by the Twitter handle, Nature is Scary and subsequently by The Dark Side Of Nature, that said the massive anaconda is crossing the Xingu River, Brazil. The video has also garnered over 2000-3000 retweets as well

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However, the video featuring the over-sized snake slithering through the river has a different backstory.

One of the basic claims, as per NDTV, is that anacondas of such a huge size don't exist.

A fact-check done by the web-portal That's Nonsense shows that the video, which was first uploaded on YouTube showed an anaconda crossing a road in stead of a river. In the video the reptile also appeared comparatively in a smaller size. However, the original video doesn't disclose the place of the video.

The report further states that the video was also shared multiple times in October 2018 when the place was attributed to the flooding in Trinidad and Tobago. But even those claims came out to be false.

The current video format appears to be stretched and that automatically make the snake appears in an enormous size.

The pandemic has seen a sharp rise in the spread of fake news on social media.

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A couple of months back, a video was viewed thousands of times in multiple posts on Facebook alongside a claim it shows Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrating his birthday with top industrialists as the country faces an agricultural crisis during the novel coronavirus pandemic. The claim, however, was false; the video actually shows Modi at a beach with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a visit to Israel in 2017.

The 23-second clip was published on Facebook here on September 17, 2020.