50 days up, a crisis in Karnataka and Congress remains headless

Vikash Aiyappa

New Delhi, July 15: It has been 50 days since Rahul Gandhi stepped down as Congress president.

The party has been throwing up several names, but has failed to come to any conclusion as yet.

While there is no clarity whatsoever, there is speculation that either Mallikarjuna Kharge or Mukul Wasnik may get the top billing. The Congress Working Committee was to meet on July 15, but that is unlikely to happen as there is a crisis in Karnataka.

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The CWC would be held only after the Karnataka crisis is sorted out. Top leaders, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Kharge and K C Veugopal are in Karnataka to sort out the mess. Once that is done, the CWC would be held.

Further a Congress leader tells OneIndia that the CWC can be held only after the trust vote. The trust vote will either be held on Monday or on Wednesday.

The Congress is likely to make Wasnik the chief over the due course of time. Kharge may remain interim chief until then, the Congress source also said.

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