How many things on this 50 before 50 bucket list have you achieved?

Francesca Specter
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50 before 50: What's on your bucket list?

What should you achieve before turning 50?

A nationwide survey has revealed what Brits consider the most important things to achieve before you’ve lived for half a century.

For the research, which was conducted by Raisin UK Savings Marketplace, some 1,500 respondents over the age of 50 were provided with a list of 80 achievements and asked to tick however many they agreed were their biggest achievements.

The most important is to have a loving marriage, according to respondents, with 36% ranking this as among their key achievement by the age of 50.

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The next most voted for was having a retirement in plan (28%), learning how to say “no” (27%), and having two holidays a year (26%)

Having children came fifth place – with 25% of respondents ranking this as among their most important achievements before 50, while owning a house of their dreams was ticked by 21% of respondents.

Owning a sports cars was also important to 9% of respondents, while curiously some 5% added “meet up with an ex”.

Other achievements included travel – with 13% said visiting Niagara Falls, and 9% said driving across America on the famous Route 66 – and learning to get by in another language (14%).

The list also reflected a fair few goals more commonly associated with a free-spirited adolescence and early adulthood: skinny dipping (6%), smoking cannabis in Amsterdam (4%) and going to a festival (6%).

Here is the list in full:

50 before 50: A bucket list

  1. Have a happy marriage / relationship     36%

  2.  Have a retirement plan in place    28%

  3.  Learn how to say “no”     27%

  4.  Have two holidays a year    26%

  5. To have had children      25%

  6.  To feel happy with your body    22%

  7.  To have been on a luxury holiday of a lifetime   21%

  8.  Own the house of your dreams    21%

  9.  See the Northern Lights    20%

  10. Welcome your first grandchild into the world   19%

  11.  Pay off your loans / be debt free   18%

  12.  Have a driveway      18%

  13. Have enough spare cash to treat yourself   17%

  14. Have savings in the bank    15%

  15.  Get back in touch in touch with an old friend  15%

  16. Be a proficient gardener     15%

  17. See your child get married    14%

  18.  Learn to get by in another language    14%

  19.  Enjoy your own company    13%

  20. Have time for reading      13%

  21.  Make a million pounds     13%

  22.  Visit Niagara Falls     13%

  23.  Forgive someone who upset you   12%

  24.  Watch the sunrise on a deserted beach   12%

  25.  Live abroad for a year     11%

  26.  Fly first class      11%

  27.  Swim with dolphins     10%

  28.  Own your own company    9%

  29.  Be in your dream career    9%

  30.  Own a sports car     9%

  31.  Drive across America on Route 66   9%

  32.  Go on a safari      8%

  33.  Learn to play an instrument    8%

  34.  Walk along the Great Wall of China   8%

  35.  Volunteer for a charity     7%

  36.  Own at least an acre of land    7%

  37.  Pen a novel      7%

  38.  Walk my daughter down the aisle   7%

  39.  Stay up all night      7%

  40.  Throw a big 50th birthday bash    6%

  41.  Have a walk-in wardrobe    6%

  42.  Visit a vineyard      6%

  43.  Go to a festival      6%

  44.  Go skinny dipping     6%

  45. Meet up with an ex     5%

  46.  Eat at a Michelin star restaurant   5%

  47.  Own a four-wheel-drive    5%

  48.  Do something that scares you    5%

  49.  Write a love letter to someone    4%

  50.  Smoke Cannabis in Amsterdam    4%

Entering middle age (between the ages 40 to 60) has historically been associated with a time of midlife crises – buying a sports car, having a marital affair or reinventing your wardrobe.

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However, research has challenged this received wisdom in recent years. In 2016, a University of Alberta study found, contrary to popular belief, people are happier in their early 40s (midlife) than at age 19.

There are a number of proven benefits of ageing – including a better sex life; greater confidence; and a greater ability for self-care.

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