5 things to know about eco-friendly reusable cloth diapers

Unlike disposable diapers, eco-friendly cloth diapers do not damage the environment. (Representative image)

By Pallavi Utagi

Many parents these days opt to use advanced cloth diapers for their little ones. Unlike the "langots" of yesteryears, these diapers are waterproof and do not leak when the baby defecates. And unlike disposable diapers, these do not damage the environment. Here are some things you may not know about advanced cloth diapering.

Baby remains dry and rash-free

The highly absorbent inserts are made of chemical-free cotton, which is the best material for your baby’s skin. The top layer is a stay-dry material with moisture-wicking properties. It doesn’t let any moisture to be retained that could irritate your baby’s skin, significantly reducing the chances of rashes, leading to each diaper being used for several hours. Mommies, you can catch some extra snoozes while your baby sleeps for longer periods, dry and rash-free!

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Easy to use

Advanced cloth diapers are super-easy to use! They don’t require any pins, ties or fasteners. The newborn size comes with soft velcro tabs. For older babies, they come with snap buttons that a baby’s busy hands can’t pry open. With a little bit of practice, anyone can put them onto the baby quite easily, right from Daddy to Grandma to the day-care aunties.

Entirely washable, reusable and eco-friendly

Advanced cloth diapers are entirely washable and reusable. The washing routine is like that of other clothes, using an ordinary detergent. After rinsing off poo into the toilet with a water spray, it is just like any other laundry. Washing can be done manually in a bucket, or in a washing machine. Drying can be done on a clothesline after wringing out excess water by hand or spinning clothes in the washing machine. If you have a clothes-drying machine, you can toss the cotton inserts in as well.

Importantly, a single disposable diaper takes hundreds of years to decompose. It can be pretty mind-rattling if you simply multiply the number of diapers that only one baby uses in his early years! Using advanced cloth diapers, you are not only making a smarter lifestyle choice but also upping your game in doing your bit to save the planet. So, change them as often as you want, because each additional wash replaces a diaper that would have gone into landfill.

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Money savers

In the long term, advanced cloth diapers cost your family 75-80 per cent less than disposable diapers. This may seem counter-intuitive, but in fact you can recover your investment in cloth diapers incredibly fast. Let’s back it up with a real-life scenario example. A baby uses five diapers per day for three years, costing Rs 11 per diaper. Add to this the cost of wipes and rash creams. Compare this with using just 15 advanced cloth diapers in total, which cost Rs 800 each that would last three years. And when you have another baby in the family, their diapering becomes free! You can change your bub’s diaper as frequently as you want without worrying about the additional cost.

From birth to potty training

Advanced cloth diapers can be used right from birth to the time that your baby is potty-trained. There are just two sizes required – the newborn size (3-7 kg) and the free size (5-17 kg). They can be resized with snap buttons as the baby grows and reaches his milestones. They are also designed to be super-trim and are available in a variety of prints.

(The writer is Founder, Superbottoms.)