5 spots in Spider-Man PS4 for Marvel lovers

Shuvrajit Das Biswas

5 spots in Spider-Man PS4 for Marvel lovers

11 Sep 2018: 5 spots in Spider-Man PS4 for Marvel lovers

Spider-Man for PS4 is a hit among gamers and in Marvel's style, there are many references to its own universe.

Players would love webslinging across New York, as there are plenty of locations around the map that Marvel fans will immediately recognize.

Though players cannot interact with these locations, they are nonetheless exciting.

Check out the top 5 locations you should definitely visit in-game.

Avenger's Tower: Home of the earth's mightiest heroes

If you happen to be swinging by the Upper East Side of New York in the game, you can notice the Avenger's headquarters.

The tall tower is hard to miss as it dominates the skyline and looms over the Empire State building.

Check out the headquarters of the earth's mightiest heroes, especially now Peter has been dubbed as an Avenger in the Infinity War.

The Daily Bugle : Print media holds a special place in Spidey's world

All Spider-Man fans will immediately recognize this building located in mid-town Manhattan.

The Daily Bugle used to be Peter Parker's old employers and the boss Jonah Jameson is the man who made Spider-Man look like enemy number one.

It is good to see old familiar places from afar, so zip by the building as you go on your way to fight crime.

New York Sanctum: Stranger things are afoot in New York

Head over to 177 A Bleecker Street, if you want to visit the sanctum of Dr. Stephen Strange.

Remember the cool building which Thor visited when he was looking for Odin; that building is in the game.

However, you cannot enter the building as Spider-Man, so you will not be able to see all the cool magical artifacts, Strange has stored in there.

Embassy: Step into the spotlight

Ever since Wakandans made their foray into the global spotlight, they have had a seat of power.

The country with rich vibranium resources gave Marvel the most beloved character- Black Panther.

Spider-Man can visit the Wakandan embassy, but don't hope for vibranium suits. He cannot even get in.

Notably, the Wakandan flag outside the embassy is also visible in-game at the UN.

Fisk Towers: A blot on the Manhattan skyline

Head to the corner of Central Park, a really posh real estate area, to see Fisk Towers.

It is, of course, owned by Spider-Man and Daredevil's enemy, Wilson Fisk. Since Spider-Man will have to face Fisk, better known as Kingpin, in a few missions in-game, players should definitely drop by.

The amazingly tall tower is proof that sometimes crime does pay!