5 Solitaire Tips and Tricks You Can Use Win The Game Easily

Alena Rinwi
·3-min read

Solitaire is one of the oldest card games known that is fun to play. While many people may think that it is just a simple card game that requires no strategy, it isn’t the case. The game is simple but it does involve some deep strategy to win the games consistently. You not only need luck but also need some tips and tricks that can maximize the chances of you winning the game and here are some tips to improve your gameplay.

Draw cards from the deck for your first move

The first tip that can improve your chances of winning the game is to draw a card from the deck for your first move to give yourself more options. When you reveal as many cards as possible then you give more options to yourself and you can then stack the cards efficiently. It also increases your chances of starting the game off with a great move by having more options for yourself.

When you draw the cards from the deck right at the start of the game then you get multiple options to yourself for stacking up the cards and this is one of the best-proven things to do, start your game off by drawing a card from the deck.

Don’t stack the Aces and Two:

When you get Aces or Two on any deck on the table then you should instantly play them. Apart from being the basis of foundations, Aces and two aren’t gonna help you reveal other cards and they will just increase the burden from you. This move is especially true for Klondike Solitaire where you need to quickly move all the cards quickly to win the game.

Whether you get Aces/Two from any deck on the tableau or from the Stock, you should instantly put them in the foundations to make a good move for yourself and increase the chances of winning the game

Don’t clear a tableau pile:

If there is an empty pile on the tableau then only one card can be placed there and that is the King. If you don’t have a King to place then that blank spot is just useless. If you don’t have a King to place then you shouldn’t clear a pile just because you can, it won’t be useful. Just wait until you have a King to put there and after that, you can clear the space if you want to.

Be Careful while playing Kings:

Kings are considered to be the deciding cards in Solitaire and you should be careful when you are playing the Kings because not only are they determinate but they can also help reveal most of the cards on the table.

A king will require Queen, Jack, 10, 9, and so on and in this way, most of the cards of alternating colors will be revealed just with the help of a single King.

Prefer the pile with the most card:

When you are moving cards from different piles on the tableau then prefer moving first from the pile that has the most cards because this will help reveal the cards that might be useful to you. Revealing more cards will result in you having better chances of revealing useful cards that you can use to win the game.