5 Sites That Can Help You Save and Manage Money

Mohmmad Shaikh
·4-min read

Let me guess, one of your 2021 goals has been to manage your money. Being a couple weeks into the year, this goal might have gotten lost somewhere amongst your other goals. Saving and managing money can be troublesome at times, especially in the country's current state with the pandemic. By not knowing how to manage your money, it's likely that you will spend more than you should, potentially leaving you in a bind when unexpected bills or expenses pop up. So, how can we move forward and make sure our money isn’t leaving our bank account? Here are 5 sites that can help you save and manage money.

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1 ThinkFlow

ThinkFlow is a great site because not only do they help you manage your money, they also have ways you can make more money and even potentially find a job.

  • Manage the Money You Have: Forward-looking tools to help you solve cash flow problems ahead of time. They make it easy to visualize your financial future and current state.

  • Make More Money Now: Find side gigs and secondary income options with resources you may already have at your fingertips.

  • Find a Better Job for Tomorrow: Tools to help you understand if you're being paid what you are really worth and plan the next steps in your career.

Neal Humphrey, Thinkflow’s General Manager, says, "Thinkflow focuses on personal cash flow forecasting, coupled with solutions to solve cash flow problems before they happen, such as income improvement and bill scheduling." Having dynamic cash flow forecasting along with ways to grow your income makes ThinkFlow an indispensable tool for owning your financial future.

2 Ageras

With tax season happening right now, Ageras is a site that can help you save or even earn back money on your tax returns. When it comes to filing taxes, getting deductions, or even working with 1099’s the process can get confusing. Not only do their tax preparation services help businesses and business owners, but they also target the individuals with tax matters.

Ageras gives advice on how to best handle basic income tax returns, filing sales tax, property taxes, buying or selling a company, employee benefit taxes, and more. Their company matches you with qualified and trusted accountants who are both experienced and interested in working with their client. Customers simply submit the details of the accounting help they are trying to acquire and Ageras’s personal consultants handpick three qualified professionals from their nationwide network to provide free quotes. After that, it's simply up to the business owner to pick who they would like to work with by being able to see the accountant’s ratings, reviews, and bio!

3 Trim

Trim is a financial health company with the mission to solve your financial problems so that you can live the life you want. Trim started out by simply tackling spending and the cancellation of old subscriptions. As the company started to grow, they started addressing bigger financial problems including how to get out of debt, emergency savings funds, retirement plans, and seeing if you are financially healthy.


You can sign up for Trim with 4 simple steps: 1. Create Account 2. Link SMS 3. Connect a Bank 4. Start Saving. They do offer a 14-day trial where you can check out their premium services as well! To date, Trim has saved their users more than $40 million by automatically taking care of their day-to-day finances.

4 True Bill

When it comes to saving money, people might tell you to hire a financial advisor to control your finances, but sometimes even that can get a little pricey. True Bill works as an online financial advisor that offers support when it comes to saving time and money, canceling subscriptions, tracking your spending, and lowering your bills. They can help you save up to $700 a year and signing up is simple. You start by inputting your name, email address, and password, and from there you get to choose your top goals, link your bank, become a member, and download the app. After all these steps are complete, the savings begin!

5 Groupon

One of the final ways to save some money is through Groupon! Although this isn't a website that connects to your bank account, Groupon can help you save a large amount of money. Groupon contributes to the money in your bank account because, similar to a physical coupon book, you can use virtual coupons to get deals up to 70% off on all sorts of products and services. After signing up with just your name, email address, and password, you are open to different deals ranging from goods, local businesses, and gifting, all the way to hotels and travel. Saving money on these things can easily add more money to your bank account!

With these 5 sites it is easy to start saving and managing your money. Following these steps will help you accomplish your goal of being more financially free this year!