5 reasons why being friends with your ex boyfriend is not a good idea!

Shreya Suresh Kumar
If your ex boyfriend moves on, you will be there to watch it and it will hurt like hell.

We totally get it. Break ups are hard and letting go off the person you love the most is not really easy. Suddenly every aspect of your relationship does not exist anymore. Your daily chats, dates,romance nothing exists. And that is exactly why you are bound to sulk and keep sobbing thinking of all those bittersweet memories. You will always have your friends to lend you support and a shoulder whenever you feel like crying. However the last thing you should do is to try and e in touch with your ex.This wont help you in any way. Never be friends with your ex boyfriend and there are several reasons why you shouldn’t. ALSO You should totally ignore these 5 pieces of relationship advice!

1. It will be difficult to move on

Since you guys have already parted ways,the best thing to do is stay away from each other.Being in touch in the name of friendship will never help you both to move on in life. ALSO READ Signs of a jealous and possessive girlfriend: 10 red flags you simply cannot ignore!

2. It will pain even more

Maybe you think being friends with your ex is fine because it wont give you the pain of his absence.However this is far form the truth. If you talk to your ex boyfriend often and also meet him, all those memories of your relationship will resurface and it is just going to give you more pain. ALSO READ 10 signs of a jealous and possessive boyfriend!

3. You have other people as friends

Now who are you kidding really.It is quite unlikely that you don’t have other friends that you need to be friends with your ex boyfriend.  You have friends you can go to the movies with, cry with, talk about your pain with. Your ex boyfriend certainly doesn’t fit here. ALSO READ Ladies, these are the 5 signs that tell you are being emotionally abused!

4. You might end up having sex

Since there is already an established comfort,chances of you both making love is quite high. You might call yourself as friends,but resisting physical temptations between two people who shared a romantic relationship in the past is hard. And maybe this will just end up being about sex,which you certainly don’t want.  ALSO READ These are the 7 things you should never tolerate from men in 2017!

5. Either of you will get jealous

Now jealousy has no place once two people in love have parted ways.The biggest drawback about being friends with your ex is you will have to go through all of that emotional dram again. There is a reason why you guys broke up,why do you want to ruin it further by being friends and then letting jealousy take over.

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