5 Reasons Why We Should All Aspire to Live Like Actor Asha Parekh

In a recent interview with a magazine, veteran Bollywood actor Asha Parekh recalled her journey in the film industry and her personal life which has been nothing short of an adventure. She also opened up about her life as a single woman in a society that constantly pressurizes girls to get married and why she chooses to live her life with no regrets at the age of 77. With this interview, we couldn’t help but take life advice from this timeless beauty who blew us away with her views on dating, love and romance. Millennials, take notes because here are 5 reasons why we would all aspire to live like Asha Parekh!

1. Owning Single Hood at 77!

Asha Parekh chooses to be single than to be stuck in a miserable relationship.

The idea of being alone really does scare the bejesus out of all a lot of people, especially during old age when you are left alone to fend for yourself. However, there’s nobody better than Asha Parekh ji to teach us that finding a partner is not the only aspiration one should have in their lives. While, she has had her share of being ‘set up with boys’ who were not right for her, she never settled for any one who did not make the cut. She is not someone who a person can dictate terms to, and we can only agree how each one of us should be like that, too. Fearless and unapologetically ourselves!

2. Invest in All Relationships and Not Just Romantic Ones!

Asha Parekh even considered adoption at one point in her life.

Who said soulmates can only be found in romantic relationships? Asha ji believes in nurturing all her relationships, not just romantic ones and if you ask us, it’s truly a motto to stand by! Pay close attention to the relationships you have with your parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, and even your pets! After all, a soulmate isn’t always one who appears as a knight in shining armour.

3. Growing up and Moving On!

Heartbreaks are unfortunate but Asha ji tells us why moving on heals.

In her memoir, The Hit Girl Asha ji admitted to have been in love with director Nasir Hussain. However, she did not pursue the romance because Nasir Hussain was a married man. Then, she was very close to marrying a professor in the U.S who later told her he had a girlfriend! While it was heartbreaking for her, she did not give up on the idea of eternal love. Asha Parekh is a believer in the quote “This Too Shall Pass”. So, we can all learn a thing or two from Asha ji about evolving and moving on from heartbreaks and unfortunate endings.

4. Importance of Female Friendships!

Asha ji admitted that her friends helped her to hold on to sanity through her times fighting depression. 

Sisters before misters? Hell yes! The unbreakable bond between legendary actors Asha Parekh, Waheeda Rehman and Helen is testimony to the fact that one can sail through the roughest seas, when your girls have your back. They went to Turkey together, did a Scandinavian cruise, travelled to Canada and Alaska and visited the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. Asha ji was also good friends with late actor Nargis Rabadi who counselled her through her rough break up years ago and with actor Saira Banu, who she meets less frequently but they always pick up from where they left. So take her advice, give a call to your girl squad and plan that Goa trip you’ve always wished for ASAP.

5. Living Life Fearlessly Without Regrets!

Asha Parekh says that once she puts her heart to something, she is determined to achieve it!

Safe to say, Asha Parekh ji has managed to live life queen size and make the most of all moments! She has been a living example of breaking away from the norms of society and carving her own path. As for the future? Adventure never stops. Next on her list is the world’s longest urban zipline in Dubai. And we think, she’ll ace it!

(With inputs from Verve Magazine)

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