5 precious Obama moments from the White House correspondents' dinner that Donald Trump can never match! [VIDEOS]

Dishya Sharma
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Over the past eight years, not only the USA but the entire world has looked forward to participate in the White House correspondents' dinner through the TV screens just to watch Barack Obama. The former US President was a people's leader and he knew all the right things to tell at such gatherings.

While the traditional format watches presidents explain the current political situation in the country and have light-hearted dinner with colleagues, Obama's gestures at the White House correspondents' dinners made these gatherings more memorable.

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Not only would he addressed the hot issues discussed by the press around the time of the dinners, he took a dig at the rumours, sarcastically replied to problems he wished not to comment on and sometimes took things a step ahead and bring in friends and video clips that would help convey his message in the best possible way.

While we couldn't list down all the moments that made us laugh, here's a list of five best moments from White House correspondents' dinner featuring Obama, the 44th president of the US.

Obama's dig at current US President Donald Trump in 2011:

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During the White House correspondents' dinner, Obama addressed the birth certificate conspiracy where he not only took a dig at Donald Trump, now his successor, but he also went a step further and released his birth video.

Obama's new entrance music in 2013:

Ditching the traditional entrance, Obama swayed to the music of DJ Khaled. He walked in to the background of All I Do is Win after he becoming the president for the second term.

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Obama makes an Orange is the New Black reference in 2014:

While the whole world made jokes about former speaker of the US House of Representatives John Boehner's complexion, Obama took the best dig as he used Orange is the New Black reference and took the joke to another level.

Obama's Anger Translator in 2015:

As we all know, Obama is a composed man. He reacts in as calm way as possible. But in 2015, during the White House correspondents' dinner, Obama wanted to show his angry face without being questioned. So he decided to hire someone to show the world how angry Obama is with the press. What followed is history.

Obama Out in 2016:

The final White House correspondents' dinner speech brought us all watching to tears – both of sadness and joy. While the dinner was memorable in itself, the most iconic moment from the night was when Obama dropped the mic, announcing he is done! "Obama Out".

We miss you Barack Obama!

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