Take 5: ‘People spit gutka & throw cigarette butts’

West Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh handing over flowers to Ghosh at state BJP headquarters in Kolkata. (Express)

Written by Ananya Tiwari

Recently, BJP MP Pragya Thakur complained about a dusty courtroom in Mumbai.

I have never heard of her… But the courts get dirty because people spit gutka and throw cigarette butts all over. They drink tea and throw cups around. Shouldn’t they thrown them in dustbins. We work very hard daily to keep the court clean.

How many people do the job?

There are about 12-14 cleaners and each person has to clean six to seven courtrooms. If any cleaner is absent, we have to do his or her work as well.

How long are your shifts?

We start working at 6.30 am. On most days, work continues till 3 pm. But, sometimes, it stretches to even 6 pm. We work for five-six days a week and receive a monthly salary of Rs 46,000.

What are your tools at work?

We use wipers, mops, brooms and phenyl.

Were you trained on the job?

No, I have been doing this work since my youth. I was only 20 years old when I first got a job as a court cleaner.

(The writer is an intern)