5 online services to help you cope with results stress

Manika Singhal

5 online services to help you cope with results stress

26 May 2018: 5 online services to help you cope with results stress

As students all across India await their exam results, it is obvious that elements of stress and anxiety are bound to emerge.

In such a case, it is important that you don't keep your feelings to yourself and discuss them with parents or peers.

If you're embarrassed to discuss it with them, you can resort to online portals and helplines, too. Take a look!

YourDOST: An online portal that offers round the clock support

YourDOST is an online portal, started by IIT and IIM alumni, where you can seek advice on multiple topics like exam stress, confidence issues, loneliness, career guidance, etc. from 600+ experts with years of counseling experience.

They provide different options for chatting and voice and video calling to connect with the experts.

Also, they provide you with an option of chatting anonymously with experts.

BetterLYF: A safe place for people experiencing stress and anxiety

BetterLYF is an instant helpline for people to cope up with stress, anxiety, and negative feelings.

It allows you to seek help over phone, chat or video.

It effectively connects you to a trained psychologist instantly without having to reveal your identity.

It not only helps students and teenagers to deal with stress but also helps and guides parents on a number of topics.

OnlineCounselling4U: Professional counselors helping you meet life's challenges

OnlineCounseling4U offers professional solutions to various distressful situations through online counseling and self-help articles.

They offer a range of counseling services over e-mails, chats, etc. and also provide people with face-to-face interactions, if required.

Further, they also make the revelation of identity optional.

They also provide students with services to deal with issues like learning disability, dyslexia, Dyscalculia, failure, etc.

CBSE Helpline: Students from all-over India can call on CBSE's toll-free number

CBSE launched its helpline in February this year to help students deal with exam stress.

CBSE has roped in a number of principals, trained counselors, psychologists, and special educators to help students deal with stress.

The helpline now also extends support to students post exams to deal with the results anxiety and also gives career counseling.

Students can call on 1800-11-8004.

Fact: Speak to trained professionals

The CBSE Helpline No. 1800118004 is available from 8 am to 10:30 pm every day. If students are not comfortable calling then they can also email their queries to cecbse@gmail.com or through the official website of CBSE.

AASRA Helpline: If you're in distress, seek professional help

AASRA is a Mumbai-based mental health NGO which operates a 24X7 helpline catering to emotionally distressed people.

It provides voluntary, professional, and essentially confidential care and support to people.

AASRA ensures that whatever your concerns are, it provides a non-judgmental and non-critical listening.

The callers' identity is never revealed and none of their calls are recorded or shared.

One can reach AASRA at 022-27546669/27546667.