5-year-old Girl Sells Self-Illustrated Books to Raise Funds for the Needy amid Lockdown

In a heart-warming incident, a five-year-old girl from Delhi has raised a sum of Rs 1 lakh by selling her self-illustrated books. She did the work in order to feed the migrant labourers who are currently staying at a government school right opposite to her house.

The condition of the migrant labourers affected Aranya Dutt Bedi and she wanted to give them the entire money in her piggy bank. She was soon made to realise that the amount won’t be sufficient and that’s when she took to selling self-illustrated books.

As of now, she has completed 10 books and is working on more as she wants to continue it till the time she is able to provide food to every migrant labour staying in the school.

Speaking to news agency ANI, Ananya said, “I saw from the balcony that there are so many persons who do not have food to eat and they are called poor. So many people were lined up in long queues only to eat food. I wrote this book because I wanted to sell it online and give the money to arrange food for these people.”

Aid agencies such as UNICEF and Akshaya Patra have extended their support to the five-year-old for the noble cause.

Ananya’s books do not have a fixed price. Interested buyers are urged to donate any amount that is possible for them to purchase the book. The money that is generated from the sales goes directly to these organisations to provide essentials and food to the poor.