5-year-old drowns in pool at posh residential locality in Hyderabad

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Yet another case of a death from a posh residential colony in Hyderabad surfaced on Saturday after parents of a 5-year-old who drowned in a pool at Manjeera Diamond Towers in Nallagandla approached the media, alleging police inaction.

The parents of Vashisht said that it was on June 4 that their son was playing near the gated community's pool, when he fell into the water and drowned. He was rushed to a hospital nearby but he passed away on June 6.

Following this, the parents approached the police and filed a complaint. A case of negligence causing death was registered against the security, management, maintenance and welfare association of the colony. There were no security guards or lifeguard present at the pool during the time of the mishap.

The incident, which was caught on CCTV camera, shows Vashisht playing with something in his hand, repeatedly tossing it into the water and picking it up while standing at the edge of the pool. He is then seen flinging the item again and slipping into the water while trying to retrieve it. Hearing his cries for help as he gasped for breath, some passersby are seen rushing into the pool to pull him out.

However, more than 10 days after the incident, the Chandanagar police are yet to take action, as no arrests have been made in the case. When contacted by reporters on Saturday, the police said that they were still in the process of collecting evidence.

This is the third such instance of a child's death inside a posh gated community in Hyderabad in recent times as just in April this year, a 6-year-old boy in Hyderabad lost his life after a cement bench that he was playing on, toppled and fell on him, leaving him with a severe injury on his head.

The boy was a resident of Janapriya Utopia, a sprawling gated community, and studied in an international school nearby. Visuals of the incident showed the boy sitting on a cement bench which was loose and swinging back and forth before the bench collapses.

Locals suspected negligence on the part of the management, and visuals recorded later also showed that all benches installed at the premises were flimsy and easily susceptible to being pulled down.

In February, an act of negligence resulted in the death of a 6-year-old boy in a posh residential colony in Hyderabad's Narsingi area after he was electrocuted on coming in contact with a lamp post. The incident took place at PBEL City.