5-year-old boy blurts out details of tutor taking classes during lockdown in Punjab

Chandigarh, Apr 26 (PTI) A five-year-old boy spilled the beans when a Punjab police official asked his uncle for the address of his tutor's house from where the man was bringing his nephew and niece before being caught for violating COVID-19 curfew restrictions.

After the boy blurted out the information, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Batala) Gurdip Singh admonished the tutor for taking classes during the lockdown and also chided the boy's uncle for taking the two children for tuition.

A video of the incident that took place on Saturday was also shared widely on social media.

“People have been asked to stay indoors during the lockdown and you are sending children for tuition. Schools are shut. Then, why are you sending them?” the DSP asked the man after catching him along with the two children at Thathari Mohalla in Batala city of Gurdaspur district for violating curfew orders.

“We keep telling people not to come out of their houses due to coronavirus and you are sending children for tuition,” the livid DSP told the man who kept mum.

When the policeman asked him for the tutor's address, the child instantly took the name of his teacher.

Though the man tried his best to keep the boy from speaking out, the child pointed fingers towards the tutor's house. The child even took the policeman to the tutor's house.

The five-year-old boy asked his teacher to come out. As the woman tutor opened the door, the DSP asked her, “Are you teaching him?” The shocked teacher denied having taken classes but the child pointed out to the policeman that three kids come for tuition classes.

“Who gave you permission for teaching children?” the DSP further asked her.

The DSP said that they had been asking people not to move out of their houses and scolded her for conducting classes amidst the curfew restrictions.

Speaking to the media later, the DSP said the man had apologised and also assured that he would not take kids for tuition during the lockdown. PTI CHS HDA