5 Hill Stations near Shirdi that are Absolute Heaven on Earth

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Let us take you through 5 less-frequented yet picturesque hill stations near Shirdi.

Symbol of inner peace and divinity, Shirdi is the home of Sai Baba and is swamped with devotees every year who come to worship and seek the blessings of their deity. Shirdi is undoubtedly beautiful with lush greenery and mountains surrounding it. Let us take you through 5 less-frequented yet picturesque hill stations near Shirdi that you can visit, just as an extension of your spiritual trip:

1. Bhandardara

Located on the Western Ghats, this is a resort village situated beside a river. Bhandardara is full of lush green forests, pristine waterfalls and magnanimous mountain ranges. There are also a few options for sightseeing like the Bhandardara Lake and Randha Falls in addition to boat riding and a few routes for trekking and hiking to satiate the thrill seekers.


2. Malshej Ghat

Located at a height of 700 metres, this is one of the untouched hill stations in Maharashtra yet stuns your wits with its beautiful waterfalls, picturesque lakes, exotic birdies and amazing hiking trails. It also has cultural significance as it was the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and also has some old Buddhist caves and the famous Shivneri Fort.


3. Igatpuri

This place is just a few hours away from Shirdi and is again a less frequented and unexplored beauty. If you are a nature lover, Igatpuri is an absolute heaven as it houses some of the most picturesque Insta-worthy views like the Kalsubai peak, Sahyadri ranges, Arthur lake, Wilson dam, and Bhatsa river valley.


4. Saputara

Located 900m above sea level, Saputara literally means ‘abode of the serpents’. Slowly but steadily, this place has emerged as a popular tourist destination and has a lot of activities to choose from like boat club, museums, parks and also a wildlife sanctuary.


5. Koroli Hills

Immaculate and completely unexplored, it feels like being in the lap of nature. It is 3 hours from Shirdi and houses some lovely villas and apartments. Perfect for the nature lovers and thrill seekers, this place has great hiking and trekking trails and also houses the first trekking institute of Maharashtra.