5 hilarious statements from Rakhi Sawant that will make you give her a standing ovation

Prachi Kulkarni
Rakhi Sawant faces arrest warrant after her objectionable statement on Valmiki

Rakhi Sawant can be called as queen of controversies looking at the way how she boldly blurts out fearless statements! After a rather not-so-lucky attempt in Bollywood films (the only one we can remember is Main Hoon Na), Rakhi found out a new way of attracting the limelight. Her bizarre statements! Since then, whenever her name flashes in the news channels, we know that there is some hilariously weird statement made by Ms Sawant in public! Just few hours ago, Ludhiana police team issued an arrest warrant against her after she made objectionable comment on Valmiki, the Sanskrit poet who has written Ramayana – one of the very important pieces of literature for the Hindu religion. People from Valmiki community were hurt and thus now she is in legal trouble! This is not the first time she has said something that is unimaginable! Here are 5 bizarre statements from her that will want you give her a standing ovation!

Sunny Leone get lost from my India

Okay, she said this when she found out that Sunny Leone wears skimpy clothes. She also claimed that she should go because girls resort to such measures because of her!

Aamir Khan and I are similar

So Rakhi Sawant has this gut feeling that she is similar to Mr Perfectionist! Why?She has her reasons ready! She added, ” Neither of us has ever got an award but then we have have credits from our audience.”

Jo Bhagwan nahi deta wo doctor deta hai

So before you jump into any conclusion, let us tell you that this was her take on cosmetic surgery. She said it on Kjo’s couch!

I think you can compare me with Jennifer Lopez, Madonna…you know international singers

Rakhi said this when she was compared with Sunny Leone. Kudos to Ms Sawant’s vision!

I loved Salman’s episode and even I am also virgin

When Salman Khan made the statement of being virgin, she graced her fans with her response on it and this is what she said!