5 Entrepreneurs Everyone Should Be Aware Of And Follow In 2020


David Kang – @traderkang
David Kang, aka Mister Investor, is a stock trader and a coach based in the United States. Born in a lower-class family he understood that he cannot depend upon his family to live, what others would call, full life. To travel whenever he wants, to work when and where he wants. The very first money made by David was earned by playing violin on the street then playing at weddings and various gigs. Since 18 years old David had to support his family financially and to this day he does so. The thing that allowed him to support his family and live a comfortable life was stock trading. While in school he began studying the stock market and how to trade. In the senior year, David has made his first 5-figure day with trading. Soon enough he realized that earning money isn’t as fulfilling as helping other people and change their lives for better. Asked about what David’s goals are for 2020 he answered, “I want to see more people live changing”. The plan to do so is by teaching other people how to trade in the stock market, make money and help their family as David did. Therefore, that is why you should follow David in 2020.

Cosmin Stefan Morosanu – @Tzzep
Strong-will an entrepreneur based in Romania who was able to crack out of his shell and reach incredible success in life and business now has several businesses and teaches other people how to achieve more in their life than they think is possible. That is a mentality that Stefan has, growing up in Romania wasn’t easy according to Stefan, everyone is close-minded, they aren’t aware of the opportunities that exist. As an example, most of the people think that the only way to make a lot of money is by doing something illegal. Stefan recalls his first successful steps in entrepreneurship and bigger paydays, his father thought he is selling drugs. Stefan was smart and brave enough to see the world as it is, full of opportunities. After achieving his success in businesses he started teaching other people how to do the same, how to crack out of their shells, how to change the limiting beliefs that were ingrained in their brains by the environment that they grew up. There aren’t many entrepreneurs that decide to help other people after achieving their success, therefore, that is why Stefan is the entrepreneur you should be aware of and follow in 2020.

Eric Feng – @ericgoesglobal
Eric’s best friend for 32 years used to call him “Mr. Invisible” in school because he had very low self-esteem. But thanks to advice from Eric’s first mentor during mid-career, his life took a 360-degree turn. His mentor’s advice: “Nobody appreciates you until you become a somebody.” So, he started working hard at becoming a somebody in the business world. And thanks to social media, Eric found his platform and his tribe. With over 190K following on Facebook, Eric today teaches insurance agents, real estate agents and network marketers all over the world how to harness the power of social media to attract their dream customers and become a person of influence. Because of his thought leadership in the area of social media branding, Eric has been invited to speak in over 35 countries in SE Asia, China, USA, Eastern Europe and most recently in the Middle East. Last year, he spoke to his largest audience of 10,000 salespeople from all over Asia and become a hot favorite in that sales conference. Because of Eric’s contribution to the business world, he was awarded JCI’s Ten Most Outstanding Young Person of Singapore. He is also currently one of the youngest CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) in Singapore. This is an award given to the top 6% of professional speakers globally. To learn how you can become known, loved and respected in your own industry, follow him on Instagram @ericgoesglobal.

Pol Carrasco – @CeeJay
Pol is the so-called “The most transparent” entrepreneur there is. He started his business career in Forex trading then expended his knowledge to e-commerce and now taking over the educational space by teaching others, Spanish speaking entrepreneurs, how to earn money in a digital world. The biggest 2 differences between Pol and most “gurus” is that he is doing what he’s preaching and being 101% transparent with his audience. Not only by showing his followers the losses that he takes in his business but exposing fake gurus/scammers and calling them out on social media. That gains him a big trust from his followers. If you speak Spanish and are interested in Forex trading or Ecommerce and you wouldn’t like to be scammed by fake gurus then Pol can be a great teacher and therefore that is why you should follow him in 2020.

Ree – @b16ree
Ree, is an entrepreneur based in London, the uniqueness that differentiates Ree from other entrepreneurs is that he owns 5 Lamborghinis! Ree, the very first job that Ree had was washing cars and cleaning windows when he was 10 years old. The hardcore entrepreneur mindset was implemented in Ree since that young age and it never changed. During school times, Ree was hustling by buying phones for a discounted price and selling them for a higher price, in other words, flipping phones. When he was 24 years old, he took a year out of school to get his dream Gran Turismo car and then landed a job at the bank. He was working in banking from 24 to 29 years old. During that time he started investing in mentorship and coaching. According to Ree, the most important shift that made him successful changes in his mindset, therefore, that is why he is coaching other people the right mindset and ways to make money. That is why you should follow Ree as an entrepreneur in 2020.

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