5 cool things about your nose revealed

Washington, Jun. 2 (ANI): The job of a person's nose is not just restricted to breathing and smelling.

John Clinger, M.D., an ear, nose and throat surgeon at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has revealed 5 things that a person's nose does.

Firstly, nose produces mucus to protect a person's lungs from viruses, bacteria and particles in the air.

Secondly, they produce almost a liter of mucus daily that is swallowed.

Thirdly, the sinuses are air-filled spaces in the cheeks, the forehead, between the eyes and back part of the nose - for a total of 10.

Fourthly, 80 percent of what people think is their sense of taste is really their sense of smell.

Lastly, when a person is sick, their mucus production can increase to two liters a day and may affect their appetite (ANI)


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