5 Career Related Things All Of Us Are Tired Of Hearing

When it comes to your career, everyone has something to say. Whether your friends, neighbors or people in your family circles, everyone has some advice to offer. While a lot of these inputs are helpful, here are 5 things we could all do without hearing again:

Passion cannot be turned into a paycheck

If you’re working in a startup or have a creative job, you’ve probably heard this several times. For many of our friends and relations, “having fun” doesn’t translate to “making money”. If only they knew that a job that thrives on one’s passion, can also pay big bucks! After all, when you love what you do, you are naturally good at it because of your personal interest in it, which means the money will follow!

9-5 Vs Go Out & Be

If you are a travel blogger or a food reviewer or have something other than a 9-5 desk job, chances are that people will think it isn’t a serious pursuit. It’s time you stopped listening to such remarks, for it is possible to find a match between your passion and in your job.

Mainstream career paths mean less struggle

For parents and people in your family circle, a stable career is a major concern. To them, making viral videos or running a successful photography channel are temporary fixes for jobs that won’t serve when you get married and ‘settle down’. But doing a job you love means you’re happier and more and the best version of yourself because you are truly reaching your full potential and carving a niche for yourself.

“Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” (Photo: iStock)

Only way to success is through hard work

We spent a sizeable chunk of our day at work. Why not spend it doing something you love? Which means no case of the Monday Blues! When you so deeply love what you do, it is no longer a chore but a real path to success and fulfillment. lt is okay if you don't fit into everyone's definition of 'serious,' all you need is to approach your passion with hard work, respect and integrity to see amazing results.

You are known by the company you work for

Gone are the days when having a recognizable organization’s name on your resume is the only way to move ahead in your career. It's all about the work you do these days, no matter what kind of a company you are in! Or haven't you noticed how so many happy, fulfilled people are working in startups? Trust us, when they look at the finished product you have been working on relentlessly, people will automatically acknowledge your talent regardless of the brand you work for.

There’s a way to channel all kinds of creativity these days. All you need to know is how to integrate your passion in your job. So, if you want to combine your passion and profession, and looking for a job that you’ll love doing, visit MonsterIndia.com and just #GoOutAndBe. Millions of Jobs. Find Yours.