5 Bizarre Things You Won’t Believe Happened This Week

Hazel Gandhi
·1-min read

Right from outrageous pregnancy rituals to setting the most unusual records, here is a round-up of everything weird this week...

Man Watching 'Bigg Boss' During Brain Surgery

A man who had to remain conscious during a critical brain surgery chose to watch Bigg Boss and Avatar to kill time.

Covid Patient Returns Home After Being Declared Dead by Hospital

A COVID-19 patient believed to have passed away came back home a week after being admitted. It was later found out that his family was given the body of another patient to cremate.

Priests Walk Over Women in Chhattisgarh's 'Pregnancy' Ritual

Priests walked over the backs of 200 women in a ‘pregnancy’ ritual that takes place every year in Chhatissgarh’s Madhai Mela.

Man Opens Glass Bottles With his Head

A man from Andhra Pradesh set a record for opening most bottle caps with his head. By opening 68 bottles, he declared a new feat in the Guinness World Records.

'A Suitable Boy' Accused of Promoting Love Jihad

‘A Suitable Boy’ directed by Mira Nair was recently accused of promoting ‘Love Jihad’. In a scene in one of the episodes, a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy are seen kissing in a temple.

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