5 Bad Relationship Habits You Need to Quit Before You Get Married

Chethana Prakasan
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5 Bad Relationship Habits You Need to Quit Before You Get Married

Bad relationship habits can result in trouble in your perfect paradise. So, work on these bad relationship habits before getting hitched.

You need to work hard to make a relationship work. A relationship is not just about romantic dates, chocolates, Valentine’s Day and kisses but also about mutual respect, understanding, communication and trust. It is easy to form a habit when you are in a relationship but some of these habits can lead to trouble in your paradise. You need to quit these bad relationship habits before you get married. (ALSO READ 10 unhealthy relationship habits you must quit!).

1. Checking phone when together

Keep your phones aside when you guys are together. It is a bad relationship habit if you guys are snuggled up but your eyes are hooked on your phone screen. Spend the ‘we’ time talking and understanding each other, not just tweeting or posting pictures on social media platforms.

2. Trying to control your partner’s life

Another bad relationship habit is trying to control your partner’s life by keeping a tab on his/her each and every move. Constantly asking about where he had been or with whom, will make your relationship strained. Your action could make your partner defensive or angry or a liar. You need to trust your partner and have a conversation about how he spent the day

3. Blaming each other

Make sure you are guys are not playing the blame game. If anything goes wrong, both of you have to find a solution not blame each other. Take responsibility for your action and work together towards a solution. The blame game will only tear you apart. (ALSO READ Here’s how to break 6 bad beauty habits ASAP!).

4. Trying to make him/her jealous

If you are trying to get your partner’s attention by making him/her jealous, then you are insecure about the relationship. It is advisable to talk to your partner about the issue instead of trying to make him jealous.

5. Falling into a boring routine

If you are in a relationship for a long period, then it is easy to fall into a routine. It just happens without you realizing. Your idea of spending the time together becomes going to a movie, watching television together or having dinner at a fancy place every now and then. However, this routine can become boring after some time. You need to shake things up a bit once in a while. Go for some adventure sports or trekking or any other activity that will pull you out of your comfort zone.

It is never too late to quit these bad relationship habits. So, kick these bad habits to have a healthy relationship.