5,200 Indian troops to be part of UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan

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Commanding Officer, D Jyotish of Indian Army (Photo/ANI)
Commanding Officer, D Jyotish of Indian Army (Photo/ANI)

New Delhi [India], November 13 (ANI) After getting special training for United Nation's Peacekeeping Mission, troops of Indian Army are geared up for their deployment in South Sudan which has faced a civil war.

Commanding Officer Colonel D Jyotish, who is leading Indian troops, said the soldiers had been given provided training in accordance with the role expected of them.

"I am thankful that my battalion has been selected for such missions. We have selected each candidate and provided them with the best training as per the requirement of the UN. Their job will be to maintain peace in the area and deal with the local tribal population with minimum to no use of force," he told ANI.

Jyotish said that personnel who are selected for such missions have to be physically, emotionally, and intellectually strong.

"We gave them training in mission-specific tactical skills and also provided them with an understanding of the political social and cultural issues in the country. The peacekeeping mission is dictated by the mandate given to the soldiers therefore the tactical skills have to be changed and honed," he said.

The contingent has 5,500 personnel which includes 5,200 troops besides support staff.

During a demonstration, troops showed a high level of restraint while dealing with situations. The soldiers have been trained to issue multiple warnings before resorting to firing or use of force. If someone ignores the warnings and tries to attack troops or any camp, they first have to use tear gas, warning bells among other things before using any force.

Major General MK Katiyar, Director-General SD (Staff Duties), interacted with troops going to South Sudan on Friday.

"Indian troops are most sought after troops in the UN. The reason is that our culture teaches Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Taking care of people is one of the most important tasks of troops," Katiyar said.

Army sources said China is also planning to send another 8,000 troops after sending 2,000 troops for UN peacekeeping missions.

Sources also said that China is making efforts to send more and more troops for such missions where soldiers of different countries come and work together.

India has been part of 51 out of UN's 71 peacekeeping missions so far. Indian troops have been deployed in Congo, Lebanon, and Sudan among other places in the past. (ANI)