45 Rattlesnakes Found Beneath Texas Home! Watch Chilling Video of Snake Catchers Removing the Reptiles One by One

Team Latestly

It seems that houses in Texas have mostly rattlesnakes to unfold, hiding underneath. Last year in December, a Texas man discovered dozens of snakes nestling under his building, and the video gave some nightmares to the netizens all across. Now another clip is going viral, where snake catchers’ skills are showcased, while removing the reptiles under a house situated in Albany. A total of 45 rattlesnakes both big and small were lounging under the house. The 18-minute long viral video has so far garnered lakhs of view giving enough chill down the spine. Texas Man Discovers Dozens of Rattlesnakes Nestling Under His Building; Scary Video Goes Viral. 

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The homeowner had to crawl underneath his home after high winds disrupted his cable television service. He saw a few venomous snakes. The man quickly crawled out and contacted the snake removal company—Big Country Snake Removal. Soon the snake catching experts reached the spot, and the rest has been recorded in the video. Huge Rattlesnake Takes a Leisure Crawl at Florida Golf Course!

Watch Video of Snake catchers Removing 45 Rattlesnakes Resting Beneath the House. 

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The clip shows the experts working to remove snake after snake from a cramped space under the home. The primary tool that the snake catchers use is a long snake tong that has a grabber on the one end. Big Country will relocate the snakes it just caught so that they can start new lives far away from anybody’s house. Rattlesnake Dancing! Check The Rare Combat Dance Video of Two Deadly Snakes in Virginia. 

Along with the video, the Big Country officials warned the citizens to be careful as it can happen very often now. Snakes will begin emerging from underneath homes in Texas as the weather warms up. This increases the risk of snakebites. Reportedly on an average, one or two people die in Texas each year from a venomous snake bite.