4 Supreme Court judges attack Chief Justice Dipak Misra in unprecedented press conference

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In a first, 4 Supreme Court judges address media on judicial corruption

In an unprecedented move, four senior-most Supreme Court judges addressed a press conference in New Delhi on judicial corruption and appointments.

In an unprecedented move, four sitting Supreme Court judges addressed a press conference in New Delhi today to launch a sharp attack on Chief Justice Dipak Misra, accusing him of not hearing their concerns.

Justice J Chelameswar, along with three other senior-most judges of the Supreme Court (Justice Kurian Joseph, Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justice Madan Lokur), held a press conference at the former's official residence, 4 Tughlak Road in the national capital.

"With no pleasure, we are compelled take the decision to call a press conference. The administration of the Supreme Court is not in order, and many things, which are less than desirable, have happened in the last few months," Justice Chelameswar said, calling the press conference an "extraordinary event in the history of judiciary".

"We cannot be accused of selling our souls. We have a responsibility to the nation and the institution," Justice Chelameswar, who is the second most senior judge of the Supreme Court, said.

Justice Chelameswar said: "This morning we met the CJI and said that certain issues should be rectified and remedied. Inspite of four judges present, nothing was done. The issues raised with the CJI was not heard. We are now forced to go public with the issues. The administration of the SC is not in order and many things which are less than desirable have happened in last few months. We collectively tried to persuade CJI that certain things aren't in order so take remedial measures, but unfortunately our efforts failed."

On the question of whether the CJI should be impeached, Chelameswar said: "Let the nation decide that."

When asked if he thinks Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra should be impeached, Justice Chelameswar said, "Let the nation decide that."

Judicial corruption and appointments have been the bone of contention not only between the judiciary and the government, but also within the judicial community.

This was the first time ever in the history of India that the nation's senior-most judges spoke directly to the nation through the media.

With India's top judiciary divided, PM Modi summons Ravi Shankar Prasad

As soon as four senior-most Supreme Court judges finished their unprecedented press conference in New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called both the law ministers - Ravi Shankar Prasad and Minister of State PP Chaudhury - in his office over the matter.

Modi met his law ministers over the split in the judiciary, with the four judges today complaining to the media that the administration of the country's top court was not in order.

Reports suggest Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, also a top lawyer, was also present in the meeting.

Earlier today, in an unprecedented event, four senior sitting judges of the Supreme Court called a hurried press conference at the residence of Justice J Chelameswar, the No.2 in the apex court hierarchy.

The judges said it was with "no pleasure" that they had been compelled to make public what they were upset with. Justice Chelameswar said the administration of the Supreme Court is "sometimes not in order" and many "less than desirable things" have taken place.

Besides Justice Chelameswar, the other judges were Justices Ranjan Gogoi, M B Lokur and Kurian Joseph. "Sometimes administration of the Supreme Court is not in order and many things which are less than desirable have happened...," Justice Chelameswar said.