A 4-year-old girl’s song titled ‘Dinosaurs in love’ is the latest viral hit

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Fenn's innocent words struck a chord with over four million people online.

A “nearly 4-year-old” singer-songwriter Fenn has taken the internet by storm with her new single titled 'Dinosaurs in Love', that deals with how the creatures became extinct without saying goodbye.

The daughter of a British singer, Tom Rosenthal, Fenn's first solo creation has over 4 million views on Twitter alone. Rosenthal has said that he encourages her and her six-year-old sister, Bess, to compose their own melodies.

Sharing the tune on Twitter, Rosenthal said that all the lyrics were composed by Fenn and the only thing he assisted with are the tune and arrangement.

The song starts about the creatures having "party" and enjoying "fruits and cucumbers", but has a tragic end.

"A big bang came; And they died; Dinosaurs dinosaurs fell in love; But they didn't say good bye," Fenn sings.


On social media, there were calls for the child to win a Grammy. Even Spotify's official handle asked when Fenn is releasing the song. The Natural History Museum said they were left teary-eyed by the song.

Here are some of the reactions:

“She wanted to do a song about dinosaurs. She stood next to the mic, and it all just came out,” Rosenthal told TIME.

He told CNN that she also isn't aware of her fame on the internet yet.  "I told her that her grandma liked it and she wasn’t that fussed about that. She enjoyed doing it, she listened to it when it was done, and then she was gone" her dad told CNN.

Rosenthal later took to Instagram to say that they'll be uploading Dinosaurs in Love on Spotify soon and "all the proceeds will go to a wildlife charity".