383-yr-old tombstone discovered in north China

Zishan Haider

Beijing, Nov 7 (PTI) A 383-year-old tombstone has been found in a village in China's northern Hebei Province, local publicity authorities said on Thursday.

The publicity department of Nanhe County said the tombstone, dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), was recently discovered in Gongzhuang Village, Heyang Township.

Measuring 80-cm both in length and width, and 20-cm in thickness, a 1,217-character inscription on the tombstone depicted the history of a family surnamed Zhu, including its relocation and family inheritance, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

Lan Jianhui, a local historian, said the discovery of the tombstone is of great value to study the history, politics and culture in central and southern Hebei in the Ming Dynasty. PTI KJV ZHZH