37 dies, 47 still missing as shipping company neglects constant warnings | Top Headlines

Here are the top headlines of the day: 1. India sees a ray of hope amid gloom with less than 4000 deaths in the past 24 hours after a constant spike in the past few weeks. Experts believe the worst is over. 2. After the PM Modi scheduled a covid review meet with all state DM’s, West Bengal CM Mamata slammed insults at the PM for being scared of meeting the state chiefs. She called the meeting nothing but humiliation by one leader. 3. The cases of black fungus are on the rise as Telangana becomes the 3rd state to declare the disease as an epidemic. A major concern emerges over the shortage of life-saving drugs. 4. 4 farmers died at the Singhu border protest site where one tested positive for covid. However, the Kisan remained in denial and continued to risk others lives. 5. 37 lives lost due to the shipping company’s negligence to pay head to multiple warnings. Indian navy and coast guards race against time to hunt for the missing 49. 6. 4 days pass but still no word from the government or the shipping firm. Families of seamen continue to wait for information. 7. A tragedy hits base when the Aghadi government puts the onus on the company for not vacating their manor but failure on multiple levels exposed. Doubts raised as to who’ll take responsibility.

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