35-year old chimp dies in Hyderabad Zoo due to heart attack

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Hyderabad, Nov 12 (PTI): A 35-year old chimpanzee died due to heart attack in Nehru Zoological Park here on Thursday, the zoo curator said.

Suzi, the chimpanzee was found lying on the floor and the preliminary investigation revealed that the animal died around 7-8 AM, a press release from the Zoo curator said.

'As per the post-mortem report, all the organs appeared normal except for heart and lungs where the symptoms indicated massive heart stroke,' it said.

The primate was quite normal with usual intake of food such as fruits, sprouts, juices and coconut water, till Wednesday.

Suzi is the only chimpanzee in the zoo and prior to that one chimp died due to heart stroke in 2012 at the age of 42 years.

The average life span is around 39 years in captivity, it said.

With the death of Suzi, only 3-4 Zoos are left with chimpanzees in the country, according to the release.PTI GDK SS PTI PTI