30 Honest Thoughts I Had While Watching The Premiere of ‘GOT 8’

1. Alright, it is almost 6:30. *refreshes for the 111th time*

2. SIX THIRTY - it is here. Oh my GOD, someone hold me I ! can ! not ! breathe! (and I’m also really sleepy, what’s going on...)

3. You guys, uh, this theme song ALWAYS gets me like:

4. Alright, finally. It begins. Who is this child? Why does he run? Who does he run from? Ugh.

5. Not gonna lie, Arya smirking like that at the approaching army really gets me feeling some feelings...

6. Oh, OHHHH. Now I get it, this is the same as the first episode ever! Oh my god, Dany is Robert Baratheon. Hm, an upgrade, really. (Women>Men)

7. They’re here. The ever beautiful Dany and Jon...and the hound. Okurrrrrr, Arya is NOT going to like that, Sweety.

8. Can I be honest though? Dany flexing her dragons everywhere she goes is getting REALLLLLLY 2012.

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9. LOL, Bran telling everyone to hurry tf up instantly takes me back to when my grand dad would scream at us for having fun. Calm down, Branny.

10. Guys, GUYS!! Arya and Jon finally meet again. My heart... it melteth like the snow in the sun... *weep weep*

11. Not gonna lie, I’ve really tried to like Cersei, I’m all for mad woman power. BUT, her not sending the army she promised gets me ~ S E E T H I N G ~

12. Cersei’s Ego > The Size Of Africa

13. OMG, Theon is FINALLY going to save Yara, YAAS BOY REDEEM YOURSELF!!!!

14. Hahahaha, Yara smacking Theon before pulling him to his feet is the purest kind od #JustSiblingThings

15. Dany and Jon really need to stop flirting at times like these. Oh wait - they’re going to ride the dragons.

16. OH MY GAWD THEY’RE COUPLE-RIDING. #RelationshipGoals2019 #WheresKhal

17. Y’all remember Harry in Prisoner of Azkaban riding the Buckbeak? Same same, huh? #YouReadItHereFirst

18. Dany flirting with Jon like a little girl is starting to annoy me a little bit. I mean, its not like an entire army of ice-cold dead people is coming, huh? #NotMyQueen

19. To be fair, Jon needs to sort out his priorities too. Dude wants to start making out whenever he finds an isolated spot. #NeverForgetYigrette

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20. Not going to lie, I wish Arya and the Hound would just hug it out? It’s been a minute. Move on, man.

21. Wow, slowly I’m starting to get really mad at Dany. Why did she have to break Sam’s heart like that? He’s soft as a pup.

22. BRAN JUST SAID HE WANTS JON TO KNOW. Forget everything I said about Jon, I love him someone hold his hand this is too much! ! !

23. LOL, inside Jon’s like : Being the rightful heir is chill but y’all really telling me I’ve been sweet loving my aunt...

24. “You gave up your crown to protect your people. Would she do the same?”

25. AaAAAAHHHHHAAAAAHHHH I jumped all the way to the Himalayas ~ WHAT THE FRIG~ was that screaming burning boy????? My ears they ring :’(

26. Oh, Jamie’s here. Cersei is after his life too. Man, Cersei really gets pissed about everything. Someone hook her up with Anger Management.

27. Hek, Jamie and Bran meet again. *gulp* THAT IS INTENSE, MY DUDES...

28. What? That’s all? WHAT? No one died??? Guys???

29. GUYS?

30. Guys...and now we wait another week.

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